About Paris on the Edge

Bienvenue ! My name is Allison Zinder. I’m convinced that consciously surrounding ourselves with beauty, as well as preparing and eating delicious food, all lead to a high-quality, creative life.

I accompany English-speaking travelers on their discovery of little-known Paris. As a professional chef and “anti-guide” tour guide, I’m the person who will take you where others don’t !

Awaken your senses and uncover the culinary, creative, and authentically human side of Paris. From exploring street art, to “tasting” the outdoor food markets, to admiring the beautiful interiors (and foods) of the Parisian bouillon, it all depends on you, the perceptive traveler.

Founded in 2014, Paris on the Edge is all about demystifying the city’s aesthetic lifestyle : emotion, history, and taste all play a role. I challenge you to see Paris…. differently !

About Allison

American by birth, French by adoption ! After studying French and studio art in my native Virginia, and an internship in a gourmet kitchen, I moved to Paris in 1995.

Through a serendipitous chain of events, I began spending time with musicians and theater actors. I studied history at the Architecture School of Paris-Belleville (UP8), and then set off for cooking school in the Loire Valley.

There, I worked in all kinds of kitchens, from a humble routier restaurant where I prepared lunch for truck drivers, to a Michelin-starred restaurant on an island in the Loire River.

In 2007, I moved back to Paris where I was hired in a tech school for culinary arts. Teaching French cooking to unruly French teenagers was an unforgettable experience !

But after 7 years, I decided to become a multi-passionate business owner : I love leading market tours and walking tours in eastern Paris, whose history I’ve been studying for almost 25 years. I live in the 20th district.

What you’ll find here

On the web site, you’ll find authentic recipes from Parisian artists, their stories and mine, and videos about Paris or on specific cooking techniques. I update the web site every month. Sign up, right, for e-mail blog updates including free tips and recipes.

Are you coming to Paris ? You’ll also find offerings for a market and tasting tour, my historic Belleville tour on the edge of Paris, and my NEW bouillon tour. If you’re a French learner or teacher and you’d like to organize a class or walk with me in French, pas de problème ! Please contact me for more details.

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