Bouillon Tour

Paris Bouillons

Back before gourmet dining reached the masses, people ate at bouillons, the first fast-food eateries in France !

Come explore the world of the bouillon with me, your expert food guide, and you’ll discover the beauty of the bouillon. What is it ? When did the first bouillons open in Paris ? Where can you find bouillons ? What can you eat there ?

On this 3-hour tour, you’ll find out all about the bouillon’s history and EAT at a famous bouillon. But you’ll also discover the area around the city’s most famous bouillons, with its gorgeous covered passages and typical Parisian architecture.

Art history fans and foodies will love this tour ! Join me this spring : reservations have already opened for the Paris Bouillon Tour.

Please contact me for more information at !

Image at Bouillon Chartier courtesy of Jennifer Wang Photography. ©

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