FAQs for Walking tours

Who can go on a Walking tour ?
Anyone who has visited Paris before (or several times before) and has already seen the major tourist sights will be interested in my tours. Also, if you’re familiar with Parisian history and culture, this off-the-beaten-path tour is for you !

Is this a food tour ?
While I do talk about the history of the area from a gastronomic angle, the tour is not specifically about food, but rather the larger historical context of the area.

Which days are your Walking tours offered ?
Please see the specific tour dates for "Paris of the people : from city to village" or "From meat-packing to fruit-picking, through quarries and hills."

What time are the tours ?
Please see the specific tour times for "Paris of the people : from city to village" or "From meat-packing to fruit-picking, through quarries and hills."

The day/time you offer for your Walking tour doesn’t fit into my schedule. Can I do a Walking tour on another day/at another time ?
Yes ! Please contact me with your schedule or availability and we can work out another day/time.

How long does the tour last ?
About 2 to 3 hours, depending on our walking pace and the questions that participants ask. We will leave the meeting point promptly to insure that the tour doesn’t run over, so please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the scheduled tour time. And that way we’ll have time to get acquainted !

How does a tour work ?
We will meet 15 minutes before the scheduled tour time at a designated meeting point (see individual tour information or your reservation confirmation for the meeting point). The tour is held in English unless otherwise specified at the time of reservation. We will then be walking through various areas of eastern Paris while I discuss the history and anecdotes that make eastern Paris so amazing !

How do I reserve for the tour ?
Choose a date among those offered, then please use the Paypal button next to the date to pay for your tour. I will then contact you by e-mail to confirm your reservation and give you more details about the tour.

What if it rains on the day of the Walking tour ?
Please know that there are 171 rainy days per year in Paris. (Sorry… It’s Paris’ best-kept worst secret !) Walking tours will operate rain or shine, with some accommodation for inclement weather. Please come prepared (waterproof shoes, umbrella, windbreaker, etc.) and if for some reason the weather makes our tour impossible, I will do my best to re-schedule since cancellations on the day of the Walking tour are not possible.

What is your cancellation policy ?
Walking tours may be cancelled by phone using the phone number provided in your confirmation e-mail up to 72 hours in advance, for a full refund. Within the 72-hour period, all reservations are final and non-refundable.

What if I’m running late for a Walking tour and miss the meeting time ?
I will give you the phone number to call if you’re running late, and will do my best to help you catch up to our tour. However, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late to the meeting point, we will have already begun the Walking tour and it will be too difficult to catch up. A late arrival (beyond 15 minutes) or no-show is considered as a last-minute cancellation, and is not refundable.

Are children allowed on the tour ?
Children are welcome, but because my Walking tours last 2-3 hours, they are more suitable for adults and young adults (age 13 and up) who are interested in the history of Paris.

How many people come on a tour at once ?
I like to keep it small, personal, and conversational : up to six people can reserve for a Walking tour.

Are the tours strenuous ?
They are moderately strenuous. Eastern Paris has a lot of hills, so we will be walking up and down – please wear suitable shoes. The hills are one of the most charming elements of this area of Paris !

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