Market Tour

Do you love Paris markets ? Me too ! That’s why I love accompanying anglophones to the famous Aligre Market.

I fell in love with this exciting, working-class market when I lived nearby about 15 years ago. The market hasn’t changed much : actually 3 markets in one, it’s a foodie and antique-shopper’s dream !

The outdoor market is full of great bargains on vibrant fruits, vegetables, and other foods, and the covered Beauvau market is more chic, with many butchers and specialty charcuteries along with fishmongers and the like. The last market is actually an antiques/flea market, which contributes to the general laid-back atmosphere of the whole round plaza (no cars !).

Some of the stops on this 3-hour tour, which can be customized according to your favorites, are :
-  a shop specializing in coffee beans and roasting, with a taste of the daily coffee
-  a bakery specializing in traditional and natural French breads, with a tasting
-  a stroll through the outdoor market with commentary on French fruit and vegetables
-  a walk through the covered Beauvau market with a stop for a charcuterie tasting
-  a cheese shop in the covered market, with an explanation of 5-6 cheeses and tasting
-  finally, a stop for a glass of wine to finish

Come awaken your senses and taste this market like a local ! Market tours happen on any morning during your stay (except Mondays) from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and is by reservation only for groups of 4-8 travelers. Please contact me with questions or to reserve !


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