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Quick-Pickled Beet and Carrot Salad with Pears and Comté Cheese (Bonjour Paris, February 2017)

French Recipes : Citrus Soup with Sichuan Pepper (Bonjour Paris, February 2017)

A History of the Auberge du Père Bise : Featuring an In-House Recipe
(France Today, December 2016)

Poisson d’Avril : April “Fish” for April Fool’s Day (Bonjour Paris, April 2016)

French Recipes for the Fêtes : Boudin Blanc with Mushrooms (Bonjour Paris, December 2015)

Belleville : Paris of the People (Bonjour Paris, January 2015)

Recipe for gumbo (in French), from the exhibit cookbook « Le tour du monde en cuisine », in partnership with Blue Dog Productions and the Claude Lévi-Strauss public library (November 2014)

Featured in 25 Paris Restaurants : A List Beyond The List, Part 2 (France Revisited, August 2014)

The Big House (Société Culinaire Philanthropique newsletter, March 2014)

Recipe for Creuse-style potato pâté
(Société Culinaire Philanthropique newsletter, June 2014)

A Short Gastronomic History of Les Halles and the St. Eustache Charcutier’s Mass (Société Culinaire Philanthropique newsletter, December 2012)

"Have Bees, Will Travel" (article about Miel Béton or Concrete Honey) in the Open Sauces cookbook (FoAM cultural laboratory, Brussels, spring 2009)

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