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Quick-Pickled Beet and Carrot Salad with Pears and Comté Cheese (Bonjour Paris, February 2017)

French Recipes : Citrus Soup with Sichuan Pepper (Bonjour Paris, February 2017)

A History of the Auberge du Père Bise : Featuring an In-House Recipe
(France Today, December 2016)

[**Poisson d’Avril : April “Fish” for April Fool’s Day*] (Bonjour Paris, April 2016)

[**French Recipes for the Fêtes : Boudin Blanc with Mushrooms*] (Bonjour Paris, December 2015)

[**Belleville : Paris of the People*] (Bonjour Paris, January 2015)

[**Recipe for gumbo*] (in French), from the exhibit cookbook « Le tour du monde en cuisine », in partnership with Blue Dog Productions and the Claude Lévi-Strauss public library (November 2014)

Featured in [**25 Paris Restaurants : A List Beyond The List, Part 2*] (France Revisited, August 2014)

[**The Big House*] (Société Culinaire Philanthropique newsletter, March 2014)

[**Recipe*] for Creuse-style potato pâté
(Société Culinaire Philanthropique newsletter, June 2014)

[**A Short Gastronomic History of Les Halles and the St. Eustache Charcutier’s Mass*] (Société Culinaire Philanthropique newsletter, December 2012)

[**"Have Bees, Will Travel"*] (article about Miel Béton or Concrete Honey) in the Open Sauces cookbook (FoAM cultural laboratory, Brussels, spring 2009)

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