Reviews for Cooking classes

“Great way to spend a day in Paris”
This was a surprise gift that I got for my (now) wife for our honeymoon. She loved it.

We did a joint market tour with a cooking class to follow up and cook all the ingredients we picked out. Allison’s knowledge of the history of the market, the neighborhood, and all the different sights and smells of the market was outstanding. We were able to ask her tons of questions and got to go a bit off script to try some things we had never seen before.

The cooking class was also very fun. She taught us some basic techniques and told us ways that we can vary the recipes to mix things up and try new things at home. I have to say that the celery root soup was I think each of our favorite things that we ate, not just in Paris, but across our 3 week trip all over Europe. Don’t worry if you don’t like stalk celery, it is nothing like that.

This experience was unique and personal, and getting to spend half the day with Allison was one of the highlights of our trip. Don’t miss this !
- Joey, Ohio

“If my family hears me say ‘Allison said...’ one more time...”
My husband surprised me with a French cooking class with Allison. My sister-in-law and I were treated to a fantastic two + hour cooking class in Allison’s home.

Allison is a knowledgeable chef and excellent teacher. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. That being said, Allison’s attention to detail and easy conversation was filled with tidbits and tips for me to take home and use every day. It seems like every time I’m in the kitchen, I’m sharing some-thing "Allison said !"

In two short hours we learned : knife skills, how to select a delicious wine, blanching vegetables, the beauty of French butter, vanilla beans, saffron tips, how to make sorbet, making a fabulous reduction from cooking water, etc. After cooking, the three of us shared our meal, wine and more conversation about Paris and French food. Toward the end of our meal, Allison thoughtfully asked if my husband and three children would like to join us for dessert. This made my surprise even nicer !

What can I say ? Allison is a fun, thoughtful, experienced chef ! We had a great time and definitely recommend Paris on the Edge for food lovers traveling in Paris. You won’t be disappointed !
- Diane, Florida

“A foodie lovers’ paradise !”
I love French food, French cheese, French markets, and French wine. Allison’s market tour and cooking class was the highlight of my three week stay in Paris. I learned how to shop in the market, which cheeses to choose, how to use spices such as espelette, and powdered vanilla.

I worked with sheet gelatin and baby artichokes. What a fantastic learning experience even for an experienced cook ! I cannot wait to share my experiences with my friends and family. I will be returning to Paris next year and will look forward to another cooking session with Allison. If you like to cook, don’t miss a session with Allison.
- Susie, Florida

“The best thing we did in Paris !”
If you’re considering other cooking classes around Paris, stop looking and book with Allison ! She is very responsive, fluent in English and French, very flexible and accommodating, and the price was a steal.

She has a deep knowledge of cooking techniques, wine, cheese, and history. She is a gracious and funny hostess who clearly loves what she does. She’s patient and made sure that we got the experience that was right for us.

We had a really fun evening with Allison, but more than anything I’m grateful to have made a friend in Paris.
- Ryan and Carissa, Cincinatti

"A terrific cooking class !"
Allison is wonderful. I can’t recommend Allison highly enough. She is a great chef and teacher – her cooking class was a highlight of our trip. We wanted to take a cooking class for our entire family. Allison was very accommodating and included our daughter in all parts of the experience. She is personable, knowledgeable and the food was awesome ! Because of Allison, we plan to incorporate French cooking into our lives. We can’t wait to come back ! Search no further – Paris on the Edge is the perfect cooking class.
- Lillian, Pat, and Sarah, California

“Cooking Class”
We really enjoyed our cooking class with Allison. She provided lots of good information and techniques (I learned some proper knife skills) and provided step by step instruction along the way. She also led us through some wine tasting and we all sat down to a lovely lunch to enjoy the food we made together.
It was also great to explore a new neighborhood - it was easy to get to the location from the subway.

I highly recommend Allison’s classes if you are looking to learn more about cooking and want to experience the class from someone very knowledgeable who lives and works in Paris. Great combination of Parisian knowledge with southern hospitality !
- Kim, San Francisco

"Take the walking tour — then take the cooking class !"
Besides the walking tour we took with Allison, we also took a cooking class. In a 2-hour class we made 3 desserts which included orange and mango tarts, Earl Grey ice cream, and granita. We learned a lot at a comfortable pace. She came to our house for the class but usually rents a space where you can meet her. The passion for teaching is infectious and she will coax the chef out of everyone. We all learned new skills and techniques the we will implement at home.
- Ann and Ed, New Jersey

"Learn and lunch"
I attended Allison’s cooking class out of curiosity. I was rewarded by a fun afternoon ! I particularly enjoyed meeting new people with several cultural backgrounds and experiences, exchanging points of views, and learning cooking tips.

Afterwards, having lunch altogether seemed like eating great food and wine with old friends, in a warm and cozy atmosphere. I highly recommend this !
- Yoan, Saint-Denis, France

I enjoyed her cooking class. You will learn skills, cooking techniques and also some of the French cultural nuances as it relates to food, culture and dining etiquette. Allison’s warm, patient and nurturing personality is infectious and goes a long way when teaching several different personality types. This probably has to do with her many years teaching teenagers.
- Randy, Paris & San Francisco

“Wonderful cooking class with Allison in a rainy day”
Allison was so kind and also offered me a market tour right before the class. The day we met was raining heavily. It was actually very inconvenient for her to show me around. But she showed me four or five different market places and bakery and explained the ingredients very detailed to me.

After that we went to her apartment for the cooking class. I really enjoyed the class as I learnt a lot from her and the class was so much fun. You can hear her laughters all the time because she enjoyed cooking herself too. The food are delicious and easy to make. Not only I can bring this skills home but I also know a new friend Allison in Paris.

I would definitely come back for my next visit to Paris on the edge. So much fun :)
- Rain, Hong Kong

“A Gourmet Cooking Class !"
Don’t miss Allison’s cooking class. I recently took her class and greatly benefited from all the cooking techniques that she clearly demonstrates. This is a hands-on class that shows you how to prepare an excellent three course, French, gourmet dinner. The real treat, however, was when we sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labor along with a wonderful bottle of wine ! Can’t wait to impress my friends with this dinner !
- Bill, Paris, France

This was an enriching experience ! As a beginner, I learned a lot of techniques during the making. Stylé !
- Eric, Paris, France

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