Want to know more about where to find used clothing in Paris ? Click here !

If you’re looking for used items, you have a few choices :
-  Emmaüs and Ding Fring are no-holds barred thrifting - you definitely need time to sort through the junk to find the gem.
-  Friperies are the kind of stores where they’ve done the sorting for you, so you save time, but of course, these places are a little more expensive.
-  Consignment stores, or dépôt-ventes are a possibility, but I usually steer clear of most of these, because they tend to be over-priced. My one exception is in the 16th district : if you’re looking for luxury vintage like Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Chez Nicole Morel (Réciproque) is the best place to go. There are several stores, and then rooms and rooms just filled with clothing, racks extending out as far as the eye can see. A dream come true !

And for “the ultimate guide to vintage shopping in Paris” consult the Vintedge.

Ding Fring
340, rue des Pyrénées, 20th district

39 rue Labrouste, 15th district

Come on Eileen Friperie
16-18 rue des Taillandiers, 11th district

40 rue de Rivoli, 4th district

Chez Nicole Morel (Réciproque)
92-101 rue de la Pompe, 16th district

Looking for the most elegant, contemporary brands in Paris ? Click here !

The most time-saving shopping is at the grands magasins, or department stores. Here are my go-to addresses.

52, rue de Rivoli, 4th district

Le Bon Marché
24, rue de Sèvres, 7th district

Maje is one of my favorite brands, and can be found all over the city, including in the department stores listed above.

Nice Things is from Spain, but has three stores in Paris.

119, rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd district

60, rue du Commerce, 15th district

60, rue Tiquetonne, 3rd district

Here are a few local, independent boutiques in eastern Paris.

Zazou Bara sells wonderful gifts : tiny handmade notebooks, custom-crafted handbags, and they even have a smoothie bar !

13, ave. du Père Lachaise, 20th district

by mutation has beautiful hip clothing and shoes from current designers.
30, rue Etienne Dolet, 20th district

For beautiful children’s clothing and fabrics you can order on line, go to World of Wonder.

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