Belleville Tour

A short history of a Belleville café

Did you enjoy this video ? Do you love exploring authentic, little-known neighborhoods ? Me too ! That’s why I love introducing travelers to lively eastern Paris.

Paris of the People ! Explore Belleville with an insider

Belleville in eastern Paris is populaire : literally, of the people, or working-class. This off-the-beaten path history tour lets you penetrate the heart, soul, and history of eastern Paris.

You’ll discover the area’s wine-growing and wine-consuming past, and its musical legacies, including Edith Piaf.

Contemplate ever-changing street art, discover the Apache gangs of the 1900s, and learn about the neighborhood’s importance as the water source of Paris. I’ll show you an eyeful of Paris with gorgeous views over the city, and you’ll learn about the fascinating immigrant history of the area and its local artists.

Please contact me by e-mail with your availability and I will work with you to find a date and time for your exploration of this effervescent, authentically Parisian neighborhood.

Benefit from my 25 years of living in this area and experience eastern Paris like a local !

49€ per person for a 2½-hour tour

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